Lovely lightbulbs

These treasures are two of the most stunning, sparkly lightbulbs I've seen in my hunt for exposed lighting. These statement lights reflect the evolution of the industrial trend to incorporating a more decorative feel. Crazy-good designer genius!

Lee Broom's 'Crystal Bulb' is on the shortlist for this year's British Design Awards and takes inspiration from the craftsmanship of crystal cutting and is made from real lead crystal! Environmentally-conscious as well, this light is fitted with a replaceable LED lamp. Impressive, no?

Eric Therner's 'Diamond' light bulb also transforms the humble light bulb into a sculptural gem. This is a halogen bulb and let's face it, who doesn't want a diamond almost the size of their hand?

'Crystal Bulb' (via Elle Decoration UK), £109 (bulb only),  Lee Broom  and 'Diamond' light bulb (photo by  Jesper Lindstrom ), €40,  Eric Therner .

'Crystal Bulb' (via Elle Decoration UK), £109 (bulb only), Lee Broom and 'Diamond' light bulb (photo by Jesper Lindstrom), €40, Eric Therner.