Tiling with Weetbix

Ok, ok, I didn't really tile with Weetbix but that's what we started calling the Träullit Dekor acoustic hexagon tiles. These tiles are made of recyclable material - wood wool, cement and water. They're quite nifty in that they are moisture regulating, heat absorbing, sound absorbing and fireproof. Their organic look and feel led to them being likened to the breakfast cereal - really don't recommend eating them.

Traullit acoustic tiles
Tile installation set-up
Tiling in progress

I measured and drew everything in triplicate to make sure that the right number of tiles fit the space and visually worked with other fittings (powerpoints, lights, door openings, etc). No way I wanted to have an 'oh no!' moment after waiting four months for delivery.

Colours were selected to align with the company's branding colours and laid light to dark. Darker colours at the bottom grounded the feature wall. The navy and light blue work well with the few orange accent tiles as they are complementary colours.

There are other acoustic solutions out there - fabric panels of all sorts, including printed with images or in designer shapes, modular panels in three-dimensional forms and acoustic wood panelling. Love the shape and colours of these Träullit hexagon tiles though and this unique product suited the personality of the brand. 

For funsies, I got Boomworks to make a video of the installation process (inspired by the original). Enjoy and let me know what you think!