No idea where to start? Make a moodboard!

If you are just starting to decorate or renovate a space and have no idea where to start, a mood or inspiration board can be a handy tool. Call it your personal design compass. Creating a mood board can help you determine your personal style and preferences and guide your decision-making along the decorating journey.

A board for a blog! This is my personal reminder of what I intend to share.

A board for a blog! This is my personal reminder of what I intend to share.

Start by pulling together anything that catches your eye - magazine pictures, paint swatches and fabrics. Inspiration can come from anywhere; feel free to gather favourite objects and take photos as you're walking down the street. It can be handy to take notes as you're collecting - 'love that neon pink', 'rad chair', 'want those high ceilings', etc. You might want to group by room as you're going if you're looking at more than one space.

Once you've gathered everything together, stick it in one place - pin on a corkboard, go gluestick-crazy in a notebook, tape everything to a wall or even pin things on Pinterest. Seeing everything together let's you see the trends. Try and identify the common themes, you'll find that you may be drawn to particular colours, a certain feel or even style. 

Keep your mood board out in the open or close by for the next little while and live with it. Make edits as you find new things and decide if you really love something or not. Finally, give your style a name.

There you are! You now have a visual reference and a name for what you're trying to achieve. When making decisions on paint colours, new sofa or even type of flooring you can use your newly named style to determine if it will fit in with your vision. If it doesn't, be strong and ditch it!