Pick of the bunch

I cannot tell you how excited I was to find out that Daiso had opened a new store in Sydney! What's Daiso, you ask? It's a 100円 (hyaku en) shop, the Japanese version of the $2 shop. At Daiso everything is $2.80 and there's a large range of household goods, Japanese cuteness and ingenuity.

I just couldn't go past the sponge section. Everyone needs cleaning products, right? These 'pick and use' melamine sponges are the awesomest!

Banana sponges
Grape sponges
Grapes sponges, picked

I also got a 'Dakko sponge'. Dakko is a Japanese word meaning to cuddle or hold. I can't tell if it's a frog or a bear. Maybe it's a frogbear. In any case, SO cute. As the packaging says, 'Very soft. Three layers create luxurious bubbles.' Almost makes me want to do the dishes. Almost.

Dakko sponge

Very cheap and cheerful way to brighten up the kitchen. Boyfriend was overjoyed to see a frogbear stuck to the tap.

Get your own $2.80 goodies if you're able to visit a Daiso Japan store and let me know if you find any other gems.