Megan Morton's 'Things I Love' book launch

Megan Morton celebrated the launch of her new book 'Things I Love' last night at The School and generously invited the design and Instagram community to join in the fun. The Instagram pics created to celebrate the launch of the book adorned the walls. (Looking forward to my next visit there as MM hopes to cover all of the walls!)

Logan 'Hannah' rosé in heart-adorned paper cups and a beautiful arrangement of peonies to start. So warm and welcoming, Megan was close by greeting friends and introducing herself to new faces. No pictures of the meringues, ginger pistachio slices or mini sugared doughnuts on offer. Was too busy eating them. Delicious.

The breaking of Kitiya Palaskas' glorious pineapple pinata marked the official launch, spreading glittery confetti everywhere. I can't say enough good things about MM - such an eloquent speaker, giving a short speech to thank her family, team and talk about all the things she loves. 

I cannot wait to go through the book and absorb all of that MM magic, styling goodness and inspiration!