Afternoon tea delights

Over the weekend I attended my first ABCD (Artists, Bloggers, Crafters, Designers) meetup and met the loveliest and talented group of women. The conversation focused around Instagram - being addicted to it, using it for business and privacy issues. Held in the stunning Polli studio (thanks Tess and Anna!), each attendee also brought along a plate of homemade goodies, quickly covering the table with delicious treats.


Whenever I have people over, the table is the last thing I think about as I'm usually freaking out about the state of the house, whatever is cooking in the oven or having enough plates. Styling the table does deserve some thought and is a perfect opportunity for you to show your style and set the right vibe. The afternoon tea table was definitely front and centre for this event and there were more than a few ideas I'll be stealing from the stylish organising team (was there a florist in the house?): 

  • Jars - collect as many as you can get your hands on, de-label them and decorate them with washi tape or twine. Use them as vases and containers for cutlery.
  • Flowers - repetition was the key here with a number of similar flower arrangements creating a centrepiece down the middle of the table. 
  • Hanging flower bunches - colourful bougainvillea and fragrant jasmine add instant life and greenery. Hang them on doors, walls and any handy, hanging cords. 
  • Overlapping tablecloths and tea towels - don't have a single tablecloth large enough for your table? No problem, overlay tea towels to add visual interest. I particularly liked the vintage and retro vibe with a mix of graphic and large-scale floral designs.
  • Cupcake/muffin flags - everyone likes to know what they're eating. Tags, flags or place cards, these all work well to add labels and a final touch to a smorgasbord of options.
  • Drinks station - a self-serve area with glasses and lemon soda or water. Perfect summer options.
  • Bunting - a colourful decoration that can have a big impact over large, empty spaces or walls. Two variations at this get-together, one of Instagram logos and the other of colourful, patterned fabrics. A bit of crafty know-how goes a long way!
  • Blackboard with props - perfect idea for an Instagram meetup to get the cameras going and encouraging people to join in the fun!
  • Sweet Jane's Travelling Tea House - Kelly and her lovely caravan are awesome! Serving T2 teas and coffee, these were a perfect accompaniment to the sugary goodies.

Thanks again to Steph (Bondville), Lisa (the red thread), Jaclyn (Little Paper Trees) and Jayde (Little Paper Lane) for organising such a great afternoon and attracting so many other talented and inspiring ABCD'ers. Next one is in February, mark it in your calendars!