Geekery chic shelf styling

I designed custom joinery for this entertainment area at a web company and lucked upon several awesome finds to style the shelves:

  • Dennis de Groot "Bare Essentials" illustrations - a set of 50 cartoon, movie, video game and comic book characters, reduced to their basic shapes and colours 
  • "Make your own robot" - a box of flat-packed build-your-own robots illustrated by rad designers like Donna Wilson, Shin Tanaka, Geneviève Gauckler and eBoy.
  • LEGO Sort & Store heads - a genius product from LEGO. Yes, these are both chock full of bricks!
Shelf styling
Close-up of robots

A few considerations I had in mind when styling the shelves:

  • keep heavy items at the bottom - in this case, the heads are visually smaller than the TV on the bottom
  • the heads had to be at the top, they would've looked funny elsewhere
  • symmetry is created by the two heads and placement of guitars and speakers on either side of the TV
  • different scale or sizes of objects is important to get the eye moving around the objects
  • odd-numbered groupings look better - and the robots like hanging out together!